Format/Invited Speakers

This congress is designed to provide continuous interaction between participants and faculty. Everyone is invited to participate.

1. Instructional Lectures

Experts will provide the participants with focused instructional lectures in differents fields of orthopedics and traumatology

2. Cases Discussion

Young surgeons will open the discussion with experts and other surgeons on cases they have done or are planning to do in the future

3. Free Papers

Young surgeons from all over the world will compete in presenting the best three free papers

4. Awards and Prizes

SICOT and EOA will present several prizes and awards for the young surgeons including; free annual subscriptions as well as financial awards.

5. Invited Speakers

Experts from the SICOT and EOA will be invited to present updated lectures and discuss with attendees various interesting cases.

Confirmed Speakers

Francesco Benazzo

Head of Orthopaedics and Trauma Department University Hospital of Pavia – San Matteo – Pavia – Italy

Professor Benazzo is an expert in the fields of arthroplasty, sports injuries and spine surgery. He is a pioneer in hip and knee replacement surgeries. Well-known worldwide as a talented surgeon as well as a powerful educator.

Mustafa Citak

Consultant of orthopaedics surgery, HELIOS ENDO-Klinik, Hamburg, Germany

Senior Physician with a vast experience in joint replacement surgery especially periprosthetic joint infection.