Continental Hotel, Hurghada, Red Sea, Egypt

El Fareek Youssef Affifi Street, Red Sea, Safaga Road, Qesm Hurghada, Red Sea Governorate, Egypt

Hurghada, Rea Sea

Hurghada is a beach city stretching over 40km along Egypt’s Red Sea coast. It is one of the country’s main tourist centres.

Arabic: الغردقة‎ El Ġardaʾa 

Egyptian Arabic pronunciation: [el ɣæɾˈdæʔæ])

Hurghada is well known worldwide for its water sports activities especially wind and kitesurfing, scuba diving and Snorkelers.
It has numerous dive shops and schools in its modern Sekalla district.

Hurghada has an iconic nightlife. There are many restaurants, bars and nightclubs, while the old town, El Dahar, is home to traditional Egyptian coffee shops and souks that open almost 24 hours.

Hurghada is famous for its warm weather. Daily temperature hovers round 30 °C (86 °F) most of the year. Many Europeans head to Hurghada for their regular Holidays, specially during the winter season and spend their Christmas and New Year holidays in the city. 

In March and spring times (congress time) its expected to have a very nice dry weather with daily mean temperature of 19°C (67°F)

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